What’s with the big “C”?

This image shows a town in Arizona from space. What’s the big “C” all about? I’ll give you a clue “Cars”.

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A swarm of over 90 bald eagles

This image below, showing more bald eagles than I have ever seen before (91 by my count), is a Panoramio image that goes with this location in Google Earth.

53.909579°  -166.513307° See in Google Earth

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“This means something”

Famous movie location:

Answer below.

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Trapezoid in the high desert

Guess what this is? Lat/lon  41.735523° -121.165586°

Actually, there are three identical areas like it seen when we zoom out:

I’ll give you a hint, it has something to do with the Air Force but these aren’t landing strips.

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California’s nuclear power plant on the coast

After the tsunami hit the Fukashima reactor in Japan, shutting it down and causing damage and some radiation leaks (but no deaths), many people wonder if it couldn’t happen here.

It could. The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station between Los Angeles and San Diego is exposed to the sea, much like the Fukashima power plant is.

Lat/lon: 33.368922 -117.554784

This view below from aerial photography show just how close the two reactor vessels and all the infrastructure are to the sea.

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U2 Spy plane takes off from Beale AFB

This image from 2003 was snagged from the Google Earth timeline feature. It shows Beale Air Force Base, near Marysville, CA Lat/Lon:  39.126055° -121.433353°

Many who are in the “spook” business will recognize this silhouette and shadow:

click to enlarge

What’s even more interesting is what is parked at Beale’s tarmac, ready to roll today. A fleet of U2’s plus the Global Hawk unmanned live imaging recon plane:


Abandoned cold war missile complex in California

This aerial photo is of the Live Oak Titan 1 missile complex, which has been closed, gutted, and sealed off. You can see the three missile silo doors are closed.

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Lat/lon  39.275158° -121.829382°

More info here on the Titan1 at Wikipedia

Here is what it looked like during construction, along with an amzing video touring an actual complex: Read the rest of this entry »