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Octagon in the desert

They say there is all sorts of strange stuff in the desert around Las Vegas. Area 51, nuclear testing zones, etc.

Previously we reported on a triangle shape in the desert, now an octagon has been found, about 38 miles north of Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere. It is exactly 1 mile across. Read the rest of this entry »


Strange step shape in the Florida forest

This is almost hieroglyphic looking. I’ve looked at this for several days, and have no idea what it might be. All that I am able to ascertain is that it is a clearing, and long piles of what appears to be beach sand (it is in Florida near the ocean) are arranged in a pattern.

Some kind of school for creative bulldozing?

Click image to enlarge.

Here’s the details: SOLVED – see solution below Read the rest of this entry »


Odd Desert Triangles

There’s always something odd to be found in the desert. This photo is no exception. Click to enlarge.

Anybody know what this is? Here’s the detail known so far: Read the rest of this entry »